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Key Features Of Reservation Software

April 9th, 2010

Are you currently using a pen and paper booking sheet?

Then you are probably interested in the key features of a reservation software:

A suitable software always shows you the current booking status. You can see the occupancy level and up-to-date information on your reservations. Some products also enable you to display the occupancy status on your webpage.

You can automate your confirmation and invoice process. The reservation software has all the information needed to produce confirmation emails or letters and invoices. Most of the time theses confirmations and invoices are highly configurable to fit your needs.

A software helps you to minimize booking mistakes. You will never have to look through your sheets to check a reservation for a room again.

At the end of each month, or whenever you want, you can use your reservation software to view your past, current and future income based on arrivals, departures and reservations.

These are just the key features, check out my future software reviews to see even more features you can highly benefit from.

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